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Does what I need it to do!

Good Stuff! Just had to download soundflower to get the computer audio.

Doesn’t work - I want my money back!!

Really bad stuff!! It doesn’t work!! I want my money back!!

waste of time

this does not work the plug ins to be down loaded dont work. does not record sound- dont bother-get your money back

A picture tells a 1000 words, but a video...

A video tells everything and the ability to easily capture what you are doing with the added ability to use your camera to explain as you are doing it - Priceless!

Great app

Would def recommend

The ONLY app that can properly record a SINGLE WINDOW!!!

UGH how I wish I tried this first! Thank you – Im not sure how you were able to do something now one else has been able to. But keep it up!!!

Amazing App

This is an amazing app, love it!!!

Great Recorder!

This is a steal at just $4.99! It’s easily worth much more...


This app appears like it should work giving you the controls you would expect. However, it did not work on my dual monitor set up. If I set it to record a specific area on monitor A, it would record a corresponding area on monitor B and vice versa. Nothing I could do to fix this. Very frustrating , a waste of $5 and an hour of my time.

Grava com áudio!

Uma maneira rápida e prática de gravar vídeos diretamente da tela, muito fácil de usar. E é só habilitar que também grava o áudio. Merece 10 estrelas.

Hard to use, flubs

When I finally figured out how to record a screen selection, the resulting video was a jumbled up mess. I just wasted $4.99.

Works as advertised, but…

You should be aware that there is no documentation, and the pop-up instructions might be a little intimidating for some less-experienced users. It performs for me as described. But I was comfortable downloading and installing the extra plugin for computer audio recording. This is not a one-click solution, so it might confuse some. I had no issue with it. With the exception of one stutter in one recording, I’ve had no issues whatsoever with the software. I feel good recommending it to those with some Mac experience.


I am the educational intructor for a company and this program allows me to make training videos with ease! Hightly reccomend it!

Useful for recording, but alot of things wrong with other things.

This is an amazing recorder, don’t get me wrong. Even with my fossil 2010 mac computer, it still hardly lags my gameplay! It’s amazing at that. But should it really take 30 min’s to “convert” a 45 minute video? I mean, That seems kind of impractical. And I’ve been having trouble with the commputer audio being a little off from the actual video itself. Please try and fix that? And Shrinking down a file? Please, more than 2-3 hours to shrink a file 5 gb’s down? Is that normal? Other than that, this software is amazing and definetly reccomended.

Perfect Little Screen Recorder

I was using a popular screen capture program that rhymes with “seatow” which I paid an exuberant amount of money for. I needed “seatow” so that I could record the screen along with the screen audio, because somehow the developers of quicktime keep overlooking that minor common sense feature. When Apple upgraded OSX to sierra version 12 “Seatow" suddenly was no longer able to record the screen. Of course to “upgrade” my earlier version of the software meant re-purchasing the new version for yet another exuberant amount of money. I was not happy. “Seatow” blamed OSX10.12. and then gouged us all for a full price “upgrade” to “fix”… whatever… I was lost in a sea of frustration and rage, desperately in need of a tow back to the shores of sanity. So frustrated. So angry. Until I found this app, brilliantly named Screen Recorder. Based off of the reveiws I decided to give it a test. After jumping through 1 minor hoop of installing a driver - which is provided with the app download - this app, which functions similarly to Quicktime, does exaclty what I need it to do - record the screen AND the associated internal audio. I broke up with “seatow”. Thank you developers - it’s a no brainer - this app works perfectly for what I need to do.

Reliable And Cheap.

Let me give my opinion on this Screen Recorder. It’s very reliable and it is cheap, and great if you are really new at recording videos and stuff. Let me get straight to the point. It’s really fast, lightweight, it doesn’t put that much pressure on my computer, and it is one of the best Screen Recorders for a slow and old Mac. I am saying, it deserves to have 5 stars because of it’s quality content that it offers packed in a single application without that much issues. This is great! Keep it up!

Exactly what I needed for school!

I’ve been looking at and trialing multiple applications to simply records a lecture or video on my screen and record the associated sounds. This app works perfect and can do what many other apps can for way way cheaper. I love cropping the area recorded so I can still do stuff on the side of my screen while it’s recording. It always records sounds of the recorded video easily and clearly with a free additional plug in. I can’t recommend this application enough!

Full featured / Lite Weight

I switch between several screen recorders as I’ve never been impressed by any of them. The other 3 I use are much more expensive and seem to take too much time for such a simple job. Plus, the others take way too much time to convert from their proprietary format to something useful to me - mp4 (I’m on a speedy MacBook Pro 15 with an i7, 1 Tb of SSD, 16 RAM and 4 GB video). This app, Screen Record Studio, is super fast to start. I set it up once and it opens ready to click record. The best benefit is that the mp4 output is ready in a half second after I stop recording. For what it’s worth, the video is smooth on my system even though I use mp4 and the app suggests PCM for better framerates. I guess I’ll try PCM at some point. Update: this screen recorder works very well for me. Some of the reviewers who complain that the playback is choppy might be making recordings on equipment that is not up to the task. Video recording is somewhat resource intensive.

Simply Perfect

Not bogged down with bells and whistes, this app does what you need and does it well.

It does everything it is supposed to do.

This application has all the functionality and flexibility that one could imagine for screen capture. I haven’t had any trouble with it.

No Audio Recording

The external link to get the audio plugin is invalid. I need to record the computer’s audio so this app is worthless. The link to their support site is not working either. Total rip-off. AVOID

Records with Audio!!!

Best feature about this app for me is that it screen video captures with audio! Snce the audio is the most important feature of what I capture, this app has been a lifesaver. Other features include option for second audio source, adding a second camera for tutorials, editing, text, multiple formats, and more. I say it’s a bargain at only $4.99.

Simple and Helpful for a Teacher

I downloaded this program so that I could provide easy and comprehensive feedback for my student’s papers. It has been an awesome tool. It is very easy to use. I can be a bit buggy if you are using the single window mode. Sometimes when I record in the single window mode, my audio or video did not record properly. I had no problem with the full screen mode. The video files can be quite large so have been using a video compressing software to reduce the size. I highly recommend the screen recorder software.

Useful but not perfect

This app is capable of recording video from the desktop screen and gives the user the option of recording microphone audio and/or system audio. My biggest issue with the application is that it is slow to launch. The workaround would be to run the app in background until ready to record, but the app forces itself to foreground and greys out the capture screen region of interest until capture starts. The grey screen is not necessary. The Green highlight border at the edge of the capture window could be made to change color in capture mode. This would be far less intrusive to viewing when waiting to start capture. I would strongly encourage the developers to rethink the GUI with the intent of creating an instantaneous start of capture without obscuring the view screen.

Audio is a problem...

Audio, even with the installed plugin, is distorted beyond usable. I am very disappointed that Apple would let this in the App Store without testing. A complete waste of $5. I am willing to spend more on apps, yet I keep running into apps that just won’t work!

Additional plug-in required to record computer audio

This app seems to work OK, except that it can’t record computer audio without downloading a plug-in directly from the vendor’s web site. That raises serious security concerns. Why isn’t the plug-in downloaded along with the main application on the App Store? Could it be because it wouldn’t pass Apple’s security screening? Because of this I did not download and install the plug-in and will not use this app. $5 wasted.

Bait and switch

Don’t fall for the trap. I paid for software expecting full features, not a stripped down free version, but it won’t record audio without going to an external website with questionable certificates to download an extra driver. Why wasn’t this driver included in the original app?!

It’s a $5 App

The video was not smooth even I have chosen the highest frame rate and the audio did not match with the video very well. Well, what can I complain, it’s a $5 App.

Audio Missing From recordings

No audio, recorded or the audio items sent aren’t readable by my codecs.. help?

Garbage - No Audio

App says it can record System Audio. But when you choose “Computer Audio” a dialogue box opens and says "Need install audio plug to record 
computer audio !” with two options: Cancel/Install. Neither box appears to do anything because I still cant record the audio of this webinar that starts in 20 minutes. $8 gone. Got ripped off. IF YOU HAVE MAC OS 10.12.4 SIERRA, THIS WONT RECORD AUDIO.

Excellent Screen Recorder

I had to purchase many different Screen Recorders until I found this one! I am in Love!!! Its the greatest I was able to record using two different mic options, computer audio and headset. The option to be able to edit and trim imported video once completed has saved me so much time on my project! Thank you!!

bad :(

It doesnt record the screen everytime I try to. I can do the whole video and it turns out to be audio only.

Useful, with caveat

Tried a few others, but the ability to select a single window and have it record just the content area of it makes this just what I need. However, it does not work (for me) when I have my multiple monitors connected—it seems like the recorded content area is referenced to someplace in the global graphics “space” and it is not honoring where in that space the selected window is showing. By disconnecting the external monitors it then works well enough. The other issue, and I can’t say where the blame lies, is that the window contents is set to exactly 1920 x 1080 but the resultant video file is 1920 x 1102. But for $5 (or even $10) this is a worthwhile utility. Not sorry I bought it, and if the author reads this I will hope it evolves and improves, and thank you for creating it.

Poor Audio and video aspect ratio constantly changes

Poor Audio and video aspect ratio constantly changes. I tried to record manytimes, the app keeps failing to export a good quality video. Want my money back!

Mic not showing up

My mic is a plantronics RIG Flex. It isn’t showing up on the record sound from tab. Please help me!

Works as Advertised and is Easy to Use

This isn’t one of those products that is a drop into Alice in Wonderland’s rabbit hole. So often, you buy an App, spend hours trying to figure it out, then abandon it because of one or another design flaws, bugs, inability to work as advertised, or misunderstanding about it’s functionality. Not this one! Bought it. Had it working in a few minutes. Does what it says it does easily, intuitively and without stress. How often does that happen? I don’t usually take time to write reviews but when a product is really good, and at a very low price, and performs as advertised without headaches, they deserve good feedback. Five stars!!!

Wow these file are HUGE!

So this program works as described but the files they create are gigantic. I did an approximately 25 minute screen recording with audio, nothing special. The recorded file when finished was almost 9 GB! That is an insane amount of disk usage for simply recording the screen. I have used other programs that were also up to 1080p for quality and they were nowhere near this. So I converted this video over to an mp4 format and that 9 GB file turned into only 58 MB. Something definitely seems off with this program….But it does work as advertised!

Works great

I’m glad I decided to ignore the warnings about a waste of $5 because this app is working very well for me. It has crashed a couple times because I don’t fully understand the flow of things yet, but I’ve already gotten my $5 worth. Saved me hours and I’m sure it will get better as I learn to do this.

great and I use it always

Records my mac laptop screen. It pulls audio from the web source or mics or both. You can also do tutorials, for example, where I video the screen and it lets me talk over the video. The built in editor lets you output to 4 different video file formats, MOV or iPad mp4 are 2 of them. The editor also lets you trim beginning or end and lets you compress it (smaller final file size) using a slider. It was worth it. And I didnt read the instructions. Its simple and easy to use. Hal NYC

Not working on Sierra

App will open but controller closes as soon as you press record button, then there’s no way to get it back. Have to quit the app to stop session, which doesn’t save the recording.

It works sometimes

Sometimes it works fine. sometimes it records black screen or short clips. is there anything better???

Don’t waste your money

This app crashes every time I try it. It will start but after a few seconds it crashes.

Great for ten seconds

I have a Macbook air 13” As I was setting it up for my first shoot I turned on the Facetime record camera, and the main control page disappears. I try finding some sort of settings on the menu and nothing is showing a problem. so I decide to try and record anyway and the program quits. It did this repeatedly even after uninstalling and reinstalling the app twice. I dont recomend buying this app until its fixed...

Very Good for Money

App is easy to use and offers a simple approach to recording screen with associated selectable audio source

Does a great job recording BUT HAS SOME FLAWS

Overall the program does a good job recording live stream video on the web. Unfortunately, there is no way to change the redording location. YOU MUST REDIRECT THE LOCATION EACH AND EVERY TIME YOU WISH TO USE THE PROGRAM. I guess for $5 you get what you pay for.

great, especially considering the price

enuff said

Finally - Pic and Sound -

I’ve tried several capture apps. Screen Record Studio is the most intuitive I’ve come across. Interface, ease, sound and all - this is the one.

Everything you need to Screen Record! 5 stars

Confirmed: You can record the audio coming through the headset without capturing background noises. The crop window feature works flawless and won’t lag. My last screen record App was $90 and this $5 one blows it out of the water. Got me out of a tight deadline. Thanks! I have never written an online review, but Screen Record Studio was soo impressive that it deserves prasie. Mac Pro 2015 | OSX 10.9.5 | Recorded Streaming Webinar

Recorded over 2 hours and lost it

I recorded over 2 hours of screen content and when I clicked stop the App crashed and the file is no where to be found.

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